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Autumn Equinox

But wait -- there was no full moon on the 23rd of September (which was the equinox). True, and well-observed. I actually took this photograph in full sun at mid-day. Shooting directly into the sunlight caused the silhouetting, which I increased somewhat in post. It didn't take a lot of processing -mostly I increased the contrast in the sky, and the result is quite satisfyingly dramatic. Day for night, Spring for Autumn. It's all about what it evokes.


You don’t grow birds by planting birdseed


This is the planter in our garden which, in winter, serves as a bird table. This time of year the birds find their fare elsewhere, leaving the uneaten birdseed to sprout grass and making a giant Chia Pet of our planter. Last evening the sun sparkled on the blades of grass. Refreshing, no?