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Post Pills

“Post Pills” –This photo continues, following ‘Footsie,’ my Summer in the City series.

I was listening to some pros the other day complaining that they lose their ‘photographer’s eye’ every now and again, just from boredom with their environment. Nothing inspires. Then that feeling goes, and a new vision emerges. I’m still new to digital photography, and not even close to boredom yet — too much to learn. And I am so very fortunate to live where I do. Galway is a city by the sea, and by the countryside. I can walk from my home to the beach, to the bay, to fields of cattle, horses and sheep, or to the buzz of Galway city. I’ve no limit to what I can photograph, and I’ve decided to broaden my reach beyond the natural environment, which started as my focus. And so: the Jazz Man.