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Wild Iris Rogue

This time of year marshy fields are filled with wild yellow irises, which I just love. So, yesterday, into the bog with me, where I stood with wet feet photographing the blossoms, which seem to attract this particular type of winged rogue. I have some nice shots of the iris blossoms (this shows just a stem and a dangling capsule casing) which will be part of an upcoming collection-- but this fella I could not resist.


Dewey Dandelion

They are everywhere, but they are lovely. I take a lot of photos of dandelions, in flower and the seedheads. Sometimes they remind me of fireworks.


The weather in Galway has been stunningly bright and beautiful, and today promises to be the same! I was out yesterday morning with my camera and my extension tubes marveling at everything I saw - especially how colour is coming back into the world again now that spring is well and truly here. Colour catches my eye everywhere; so a little bright spot of red on a spine of gorse needed inspecting: a ladybird (ladybug for my American friends). The light shone right through one of her red wings, lighting it up from above. Amazing. But then a little glimmer from the right: something metallic and greeny-blue: this little beetle sucking on a gorse flower. He was better situated for a photograph considering I was shooting macro and hand-holding the camera, which is never easy. The tiny depth of field means a hairs breadth of movement ruins the shot. So maybe pics of the ladybird will come, but for now, this tiny monster. Great thanks to Stuart Dunlop for identifying my "beetle" as a Green Shieldbug – Palomina prasina.



A vibrant yellow daffodil turns its face to the bright sun in a gaze of mutual admiration. Enjoy, and if you do, why not join the other subscribers of this photoblog? Subscribers will receive discounts on rights and / or prints purchased. Thanks for stopping by!




The stamen surrounding the “pistol” inside of a tulip. The weather seems to have forgotten the way it was heading and looped around back to winter, unfortunately. So in my quest for colour –you feel deprived after winter, don’t you? — I have been getting up close and personal with some tulips. Macro photography is  intriguing in that it allows you to enter a different landscape, to inhabit the world in a new way by seeing things that you would never otherwise notice, and to rediscover, as we all have done this week, that our place in nature is really very insignificant, though our influence may be almost too much to bear.

Tulip Macro

A tulip refracted through a drop on another tulip. I'm in a macro phase at the moment. More to come.