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Autumn Equinox

But wait -- there was no full moon on the 23rd of September (which was the equinox). True, and well-observed. I actually took this photograph in full sun at mid-day. Shooting directly into the sunlight caused the silhouetting, which I increased somewhat in post. It didn't take a lot of processing -mostly I increased the contrast in the sky, and the result is quite satisfyingly dramatic. Day for night, Spring for Autumn. It's all about what it evokes.


Sunbeams on Kylemore Lake

Great timing to have a break in the clouds just as we arrived at the lake. The sky was so brilliantly blue in this image that I had a hard time deciding to make it black and white; but the impact is just so much greater. I'm happy with this one.


"Connemara is a savage beauty." Oscar Wilde

Mood Over Galway Bay

Sunday 28th of November. We woke to the uncommon sight of snow glazing the ground in Galway. As the sun burned through the fog, mist rose over Galway Bay while befuddled birds waited it out on jutting rocks. County Clare is hiding in the distance behind a drape of vapor.


There was a nip in the air to be sure this autumnal Sunday morning, but neither that nor the early hour could deter the ten plus people who were in for their daily constitutional swim. The Irish are nothing if not resolute.

Morning reflections

I hadn’t planned on going out this particular morning, but the weather was so perfect: crisp and clear and without a breath of wind. I knew the bay must look like glass; a rare event I couldn’t let pass unseen. So I went for a walk. And my work was waiting patiently when I got home.