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Great Blue Heron

Another perfect weather day in Galway! Spent a lovely peaceful morning admiring this gorgeous guy picking crabs. He let me approach him slowly over a matter of minutes, and didn't seem fussed. Until a person came by with a dog. All in all, a much better way to spend the day than watching the nuptial circus on tv.


Heron Hunting


I love herons. The are so elegant and playful - especially when there are two or three of them flying together. You can really watch them have fun. The thing is, they require a lot of personal space to feel comfortable. So I was really fortunate to get close enough to this fella to watch him hunt for a while. He knew I was there, but so long as I was happy to stretch out on my belly in the wet egg wrack (that brown seaweed) and not move too much, we were just fine together.



Mood Over Galway Bay

Sunday 28th of November. We woke to the uncommon sight of snow glazing the ground in Galway. As the sun burned through the fog, mist rose over Galway Bay while befuddled birds waited it out on jutting rocks. County Clare is hiding in the distance behind a drape of vapor.