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It’s in my nature…

Despite a skull-like body and hairy legs, this spider manages to make herself look dainty and cozy in her nest in the palm of this budding flower. With her arms crossed like that in front of her, you can almost imagine that she's waiting for the kitchen timer to ding, or the kids to come in for lunch.


Day’s Eye

The name 'Daisy' came from the old name 'Day's Eye' as the flowers opened at dawn and closed at dusk or in dull light. So it's a bit of magic to show one in the blackness. Happy Midsummer! Even in Galway the sun is shining. Enjoy

Softly, softly

A pale rendering of a vibrant flower; reflects the mood of the day as we mourn the passing of a friend.

Dewey Dandelion

They are everywhere, but they are lovely. I take a lot of photos of dandelions, in flower and the seedheads. Sometimes they remind me of fireworks.



A vibrant yellow daffodil turns its face to the bright sun in a gaze of mutual admiration. Enjoy, and if you do, why not join the other subscribers of this photoblog? Subscribers will receive discounts on rights and / or prints purchased. Thanks for stopping by!



Good Vibrations

Continuing my tulip study.  This shot is SOC; sometimes things just fall into place. I particularly like the balance of the curve of the stamen on the left of the photograph mimicked by the curve of the green leaf on the stem at the right. The colours make me happy, and I like the little lenses of water droplets magnifying the colours on the lip of the petal.

Good to know that while there is destruction in the world, somewhere, always, flowers still bloom.


The stamen surrounding the “pistol” inside of a tulip. The weather seems to have forgotten the way it was heading and looped around back to winter, unfortunately. So in my quest for colour –you feel deprived after winter, don’t you? — I have been getting up close and personal with some tulips. Macro photography is  intriguing in that it allows you to enter a different landscape, to inhabit the world in a new way by seeing things that you would never otherwise notice, and to rediscover, as we all have done this week, that our place in nature is really very insignificant, though our influence may be almost too much to bear.

Wild Irish Iris

A beautiful wild iris in a field of wildflowers facing the bay.