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Compose yourself!

Some people complain about Irish weather, but I love it. Okay, it could be warmer; but living along the coast and seeing the weather coming and going is nothing short of amazing.

One adage of photography I keep in mind is "Compose and wait." In making this photograph, I waited, albeit a fraction of a second, for the gull to intersect with the rainfall over County Clare, which I think makes all the difference.

This photograph also offers a lot in terms of discussion about reading a photograph. That will be a discussion in the near future. For now, consider it food for thought. Have a look at the leading lines and the balance. It's not the world's greatest photograph, but it has certain merits, informed by those characteristics.

The take-away here: Sometimes all it takes is being there at the right moment. Other times it's about waiting for the moment to happen.


Morning reflections

I hadn’t planned on going out this particular morning, but the weather was so perfect: crisp and clear and without a breath of wind. I knew the bay must look like glass; a rare event I couldn’t let pass unseen. So I went for a walk. And my work was waiting patiently when I got home.