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Heron Hunting


I love herons. The are so elegant and playful - especially when there are two or three of them flying together. You can really watch them have fun. The thing is, they require a lot of personal space to feel comfortable. So I was really fortunate to get close enough to this fella to watch him hunt for a while. He knew I was there, but so long as I was happy to stretch out on my belly in the wet egg wrack (that brown seaweed) and not move too much, we were just fine together.




Eat like a bird

Even as I post this, I was absent-mindedly whistling 'Winter Wonderland' which had just been playing on NPR. When I stopped, a thrush is outside my window carried on, repeating the same note I ended on. Apparently they imitate lots of noises that they hear. Strange experience as it is still quite dark outside and I couldn't see him at first, so I didn't know who (or what) was singing along.

Lots of bird photos lately as it's a busy time of year, I'm not getting out for long walks, so I photograph what comes to me. Looking forward to Christmas break and having time for some nice hikes with the family. (Photo taken 19 December 2010, Galway)

On the tip of my tongue

A male blackbird enjoying an apple in my garden today. It’s a bit grainy because I took it in low light at a high ISO, but if you look carefully, you can just make out a bit of apple on the tip of his tongue.

Get a grip…

...sometimes all you need is a different perspective.

We call him Christopher. Christopher Robin.

My beautiful little writing partner. This morning he chirped to me from the trees. I chirped back. After two minutes of this off-line twittering, he flew in for a personal appearance. This time I was ready for him.


This little robin started coming to visit me at the windows outside my computer desk over one year ago. I first photographed him in November 2009, and took this shot today, 3 November 2010. I don’t know why he comes; I don’t feed him because there are a lot of cats about and I don’t want to put him at risk. But come he does, and if I’m not at the computer he taps at the window until I come and chirp back at him. He doesn’t come every day, but on days he does, he comes three or four times. My little robin.


Shot in an old cemetery in Spiddal