…photographs by an American living in Ireland

Fairytale Forest

Another example of photographic impressionism. The idea with any impressionism is to create a mood through suggestion; to hint at detail rather than offer it up whole. To me this image illustrates a fairytale forest; it draws you in, makes you wonder - maybe with a combination of fascination and a perhaps some trepidation - what lingers there deeper in the wood. I love the light, the forms and the shadow. If I were to do it again, I would frame it differently, with the large trees less central. But I like this picture. It is like a memory to me, or a frame from a dream I may have had. To me it is evocative, like impressionism should be, and in that way, I think it is successful, though I have many more attempts at impressionism ahead of me in order for me to feel accomplished at it. It is all done in camera; there are no effects added in post, and it is challenging to get the balance right between form and suggestion. So off I go again, into the woods...


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