…photographs by an American living in Ireland


The weather in Galway has been stunningly bright and beautiful, and today promises to be the same! I was out yesterday morning with my camera and my extension tubes marveling at everything I saw - especially how colour is coming back into the world again now that spring is well and truly here. Colour catches my eye everywhere; so a little bright spot of red on a spine of gorse needed inspecting: a ladybird (ladybug for my American friends). The light shone right through one of her red wings, lighting it up from above. Amazing. But then a little glimmer from the right: something metallic and greeny-blue: this little beetle sucking on a gorse flower. He was better situated for a photograph considering I was shooting macro and hand-holding the camera, which is never easy. The tiny depth of field means a hairs breadth of movement ruins the shot. So maybe pics of the ladybird will come, but for now, this tiny monster. Great thanks to Stuart Dunlop for identifying my "beetle" as a Green Shieldbug – Palomina prasina.


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  1. Your ‘beetle’ on Gorse is one of the Shieldbugs, most likely the Green Shieldbug – Palomina prasina, but I can’t be absolutely sure without seeing more of it.

    You’re absolutely right about the minute DOF with hand-held macro shots……a real pain!

    April 14, 2011 at 12:22

    • Thanks for that, Stuart! I did look it up, but found myself paging through over a thousand pages of beetles in Ireland, many with that yellow-green metallic sheen. Your blog continues to be a great resource for me; you have an encyclopedic knowledge of Irish wildlife.

      April 15, 2011 at 06:01

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