…photographs by an American living in Ireland

Here comes the rain

14.January 2011 It was a beautiful sunny morning, the sky the colour of lapis lazuli. I was walking along the shore listening to Ella Fitzgerald and watching the windsurfers rocket across the bay when the sky went black. A massive gale blew this huge rain cloud up along the coast from the west (bottom right). I waited under a pine tree until the cloud passed over me, and then I moved out and took this photo of Silverstrand (center of the photo) getting a soaking before the cloud, passing with the tenacity of a subway train, moved on to do its damage elsewhere. The whole thing took less than ten minutes. Armin said it never rained at home, five minutes' walk away.

If you click on the image you will see it full-size. I stitched in a bit on the left from a second photo, taken at the same time to give a panoramic view. Other than that, it's unprocessed. You can even see a few raindrops on my lens. Oops.


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